Owned and operated by Matthew T. Schneider, a born and raised Colorado native and Outfitter since 2012(check out SchneiderOutfitting.com) Permit #2879 ; who took over GPO in early 2016.  Since 1986 Geneva Park Outfitters has been committed to providing our client's with the finest hunting trips in the Colorado and continues to do so today. We are dedicated to providing the best opportunity for our client's to obtain that trophy of a lifetime! 
   Geneva Park Outfitters specializes in guided horseback wilderness hunts in three different wilderness areas. We hunt the prime locations for fair chase Elk, Mule Deer, Bighorn Sheep, Shiras Moose, and Mountain Goat. We can take you to where the hunting pressure is low and the action is high. Geneva Park Outfitters ranch is centrally located near three different wildernesses areas. So if you're looking for archery, rifle, muzzleloader, or pistol hunt with a wilderness experience we will have the right place for you. Most of our hunts are pack-in on horseback; tent camps in elevations of 10,000 to 12,000 ft. To get a better look at our clients successes click onto our "Photo Gallery .
    As a wildlife advocate and supporter, I serve on the Board of Directors for the the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Socioty here in Colorado. Other Non-Profits that I have supported or continue to work with yearly are Hero Expeditions, Field of Dreams, And the Midwest chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation. I am an Endorsed Outfitter by Huntin’ Fool and a Professional Hunting Advisor/Content Contributor for their members and magazine.  I am also a member of the Colorado Outfitters Association, WTA, Wild Sheep Foundation, and the National Rifle Association. 


    Our wilderness base camp is primarily used for our elk and deer seasons. This wilderness camp is a pack in camp into a primitive area. Our experienced pack string and riding horses will provide the leg work getting you into and out of camp with your gear and harvested animals. We take the extra effort to make your wilderness stays comfortable. We utilize canvas tents for the clients and a large tent for the cook and socializing tent. All tents have a wood stove for warming up and drying out clothes after a full day in the woods. Cots, pads, chairs, and cut wood are provided in the client tents. On our sheep and goat hunts we utilize progressive camps to be able to travel when needed and to follow or find game. These camps are smaller and are equipped accordingly to peruse our quarry.


    All of our guides and staff are trained how to handle horses, equipment, backcountry travel, and the game we are after. All guides are first aid and CPR certified and have risen up from the ranks of the outfit to hold a guide position. These processes and qualifications are to assure you the highest quality guide service. We will care for your needs and to provide you the best opportunity to obtain your goals on the hunt. All of our horses are trained for backcountry travel. Before we put anyone on a horse, the horse spends at least one season as pack animals to become familiar to the demands and surroundings of the backcountry. All of this effort is to provide you with the safest and most comfortable travel as possible.


   We offer fully guided, semi-guided, pack services, and drop camp hunts. Our elk and deer hunts are 2/1 hunter to guide ratio, 1 on 1 hunts are available at additional cost. All sheep and goat hunts are 1 on 1 hunts. We try to keep our camps small, to maintain high quality for all our guest’s. We also offer summer fly fishing trips in some of Colorado’s top trophy trout waters. What ever your situation is we can customize a trip for you. All seasons, dates and fees are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for current and up to date information.

    All of our hunts are 100% fair chase on public and private lands. We will give nothing short of 110% effort for all of our hunts. We are in the business of making long term relationships and friends, creating unforgettable memories, and helping our client’s achieve there dreams and goals. Our focus is 100% customer satisfaction. WE WILL TREAT YOU RIGHT! I hope you have more questions or you might have some comments. Please feel free to call us any time. Shoot straight and keep your powder dry!! 303-884-5416 or email Outdoorjunkie.ms@gmail.com